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Records Management
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Welcome to Our Records Management Website


Please find a brief summary of our responsibilities and services that we provide to our

school sites and departments. Our mission is based on working together, in order, to

preserve and maintain the integrity of all records while in the custody of our

school district.





The Records Retention Office has the responsibility of providing assistance to all school sites and departments on identifying,

retaining, scheduling and disposing of all records as stipulated in Florida Statutes. Records that are in the custody of our school

system have been defined by the Department of State, Division of Library & Archives and can be found in General Schedule 1-SL

(State & Local Government) or General Schedule -7 (Specific to Public Schools, Adult & Vocational/Technical Schools). These

schedules include general information, instructions, policies and retention periods for all public records found within the

school district. Each school site and department are custodians of their individual site records and are responsible for systematically

purging records only after receiving proper authorization from the Deputy Superintendent of Schools.


Records Management Handbook



  Additional Information can be found on the Florida Department of State:




For Further Information Contact:

Karen Collins, Records Specialist
863-773-9058 ext: 1254