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1009 N. 6th Ave, Wauchula, FL | Phone: 863-773-9058 | Fax: 863-773-0069

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 Burgert Brothers 1925, Courtesy of Photographic Digital Collection, Hillsborough County Library
Burgert Brothers 1925, Courtesy of Photographic Digital Collection, Hillsborough County Library
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School was open from 1895-1949  Location #4.    


The Popash school was established on June 4, 1895, as W.J. Jackson serving as Supervisor of Schools.


The Popash School consisted of four rooms with hardwood floors. On cool days, the rooms were heated by a potbellied stove.

Children would walk barefoot for more than three miles everyday just to attend the school.

If children were late to school, the teacher would make you miss recess and pick up sandspurs that frequented the playground area.

Behavior was not a problem for long, when the principal would use a “switch” for the method of correction.

Fund raisers consisted of cake walks and suppers. Dancing was not allowed.



How did Popash get it’s name?

A tree stood nearby the location of the original school and old timers couldn’t identify what type of tree it was,

some said it was a popular tree and still others claimed it was an Ash tree thus calling it Pop-Ash….



       1920’s   110 students

       1946-47 110 students


Grades taught: 1– 8


Teaching Staff  Principals  Assistants          Trustees           

Kathy Ashworth   1947-48

L.L. Blackburn     1942-44

Ida Mae Blackburn 1944-45

Mrs. Ardath Carlton 1947-48

Mrs. Frank Collins 1938-39


Emma A. Crews     1942-43            



Mae F. Fields 1946-47

Susie Gatesman 1946-47

Miss ____Gramling 1925

Mrs. Sadie Harbour 1930

1938-39 1942-45

Mr. _____Ivey   1921-22

Mrs. ____ Ivey 1921-22

Miss ____ Keene 1925

Mrs. Mae Long 1944-49

Agnes Moore 1938-39 1942-43   1945-48

Freida Prescott 1945-46 1948-49

Mrs. Lillian Revell   1946-48

Miss Frances Sellers 1938-39 1942-43

Miss Shelton 1926

Mrs. Fred Whidden 1944-47

Carolyn Wilkinson 1948-49

Mrs. Ruben Wingate 1930-31


J.E. Brown 1932-33

Exie Cathcart 1935-1942

Emma A. Crews 1946-49

O.V. Curington 1933-34

Agnes Moore 1942-44 1945-46

H.W. Simons_____-1928

Morring Smith 1930-31


Mrs Frank Collins 1930-31 1932-42

Mrs. Sadie Harbour 1930-31 1932-1942

Mrs. Mae Long 1945-47

Mrs. Agnes Moore 1933-42 1944-45

Mrs. Frances Sellers 1932-36 1937-42

Miss Shelton 1926

Mrs. Lauirce Wingate 1930-31 1932-33

Mrs. Gladys Knight 1941-42


F.B. Boone 1924-

W.D. Bond 1925

J.H. Brown 1921-24

Jos. Crews 1921-22

S.I. Griffin 1922-24

I.V. Moore 1925

L.F. Peters 1924-

T.P. Stevens 1925-27

C.P. Weed 1927

R.V. Wingate 1922-23











Our Vision:
Empower and inspire all students for success.

Our Mission:
To provide all students a high-quality education in a nurturing and
creative environment to develop responsible citizens.

Please note: Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communication to or from our state officials regarding
state business are public records that are available to the public and media upon request.