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1009 N. 6th Ave, Wauchula, FL | Phone: 863-773-9058 | Fax: 863-773-0069

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Lillian R. Brown
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Bowling Green
Lillian R. Brown

 The school was first named Wauchula Junior High School and taught students in the first grade through the eighth. The School later became the Lillian Roux Brown.


Plans for construction of the new school first began when board members met on May 20, 1950, to accept the bid from Himrod and Bostick for $17,988.


On September 8, 1950, the dedication ceremony was held with the attendance of two-hundred people. The ceremony consisted of  H.B. Dominick, Superintendent of Schools, welcoming the public with  Mrs. L.R. Brown, Principal, of the school responding. Guest speaker for the event was D.E. Williams, Superintendent of Education, State of Florida, Department of Education.


Sports of 1953

The school also had a basketball team known as Wauchula Golden Hornets and in their first year of existence, they won the conference championship. The team members were Willie Fred Bragg, J.D. Snell,Bobby Fraizer, Wilbur Turner, Tommy Braggs, James Burns, Eugene Clark,Charles Frazier, Bennett Martin, Newell Middleton, Fred Miller and Leonard Miller. Couch for the team was Gerald Thomas.

In the fall of 1958, the other black schools were consolidated to this school. The schools that closed were Bowling Green Negro School, Zolfo Springs Negro School, Oak Grove Negro School, Limestone Negro School and Revell Quarters.


In the Spring of 1959, two more wings were added to the school with grades one through twelve being offered. During this same year, the school name was change to Lillian R. Brown High School.



The Board supplied a temporary classroom in 1962 to prevent double sessions because of overcrowded conditions.


In 1965 students at Lillian R. Brown High School were given the option of attending any school of their choice based on the mandated integration laws which banned segregation. Twelve students opted for attending a white school.


Again, additional changes occurred with black students being bused to the Hardee Junior High School and Hardee Senior High School. The Lillian R. Brown High School became Lillian R. Brown Elementary School with grades one through six.


The last year of attendance as a public school was 1966. During the following year the Lillian R. Brown Elementary School became a migrant receiving center for grades one through nine.


In 1969 the school was sold to Sam Revell for $25,551.20 to be used as a labor camp. After Mr. Revells's death, it was sold to the Staton family. Currently, the school complex is utilized as a convalescent home.



1955 172 students


Teachers: Principals:  

Doyle Arline 1965-66

Naomi Bently 1964-65

Vera Benton 1956-59

H.O. Bridges 1956-58

Josephine Brown 1956-67

Carletha Bynes 1960-61

Mary Sue Clemons 1961-66

Elouise Corbett 1966-67

James Crayton 1961-66

Henry L. Dixon 1960-64

Lency Dukes 1961-66

Ruby Faison 1957-59

Iva Eason 1956-57

Peggy Gartmond 1963-64

Maggie Harrington 1957-66

Barbara Haygood 1961-62

y Jeffers II 1960-63

Kay Johnson     1961-65

Flossie Liston 1957-66

Stanley Lofton 1961-66

W. McCloud   1966-67

William McCoggle 1960-61

Carolyn McPherson 1964-65

Editha McPherson 1963-65

James Marlins 1964-65

AV. Pollock 1956-59

Rosa Redden 1965-66

Sharon Redden 1965-66

F.W. Scurry   1960-66

Darlene W. Showers 1965-66

Isadore Smith 1965-66

Richard.V. Stebbins 1962-64

Emory E. Williams 1965-66

Annie Woody 1960-62

H.B. Yates 1958-61

Gerald Thomas 1956-59

Emerson O. Bynes 1960

James Wiggins













































Our Vision:
Empower and inspire all students for success.

Our Mission:
To provide all students a high-quality education in a nurturing and
creative environment to develop responsible citizens.

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