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Bowling Green
Burgert Brothers 1925, Courtesy of Photographic Digital Collection, Hillsborough County Library
Burgert Brothers 1925, Courtesy of Photographic Digital Collection, Hillsborough County Library
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The School opened  in 1895-             Location #10

1909 BG Junior High with 10 grades, 160 pupils and 35 were in high school grades.


       drawing of first Bowling Green school


 The first school in Bowling Green was a little frame building.

It was located on West Main Street across from where Pyatt Park now is.


Mrs. Louis Chastain was the first teacher.


From the  City of Bowling Green's 100 Year Anniversary


Drawing is by Johnna Mae Himrod.


Excerpts from the program:

"Prior to 1885 this small Desoto County wilderness town, with a post office called Utica, had a one room school taught by Louis Chastain.  This frame building was located on West Main Street. 

In 1886 Utica was renamed Bowling Green after Bowling Green, Kentucky, where some of the settlers were from.

In 1895 an official Bowling Green one-room school was built in the area that is now the Bowling Green Cemetary.  It was supervised by N.M. Bryan. 

In 1910 a Jr. High School was included.

In 1912 the railroad came through and the population  expandeded.     

In 1915 a new three story (buff colored) brick building with a basement was erected near the present school site.  It housed grades 1-12. 

A High School football team  called the Panthers was formed.  The Panther mascot still prevails at BGE today.

By 1929 the schools were being consolidated and the High School at the BGE was discontinued. 

Hardee County continued agricultural pursuits and in the late 30's and 40's cucumbers and strawberries were grown in abundance and "Summer" or "Strawberry Schools" were created so children could help harvest crops during the war years.  These were later closed as elementary schools were consolidated. At this time, Bowling Green 's Junior High students were bussed to Wauchula.

In the late 60's the Facilities Section of the Florida Department of Education classified the three story school building as no longer satisfactory for educational purposes, so a new school was built utilizing the brick from the old school.

The new school was buiilt in sections or wings.  Kindergarten classess and administrative suites were added in 1969 and other sections added later to accomodate the growing numbers.  As recently as 1988, more additions were completed."                                      




 Bowling Green Grammer School 1915 Grammer  School Built in 1915

Bowling Green High School staff 1942


Source: Main Street Calendar

1945 Bowling Green second grade class




Source: Herald Advocate

1946-47 first grade class Bowling Green






Herald Advocate




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