Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

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During the first two weeks of October, Florida celebrates Disability Awareness Weeks

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Director:  Kerry Terrell

Mailing:  P.O. Box 1678, Wauchula, Florida 33873
Location:  200 South Florida Avenue   Wauchula, FL 33873   Phone - 863 773-9058  Fax - 863 773-4614

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) provides services to over 700 students identified as disabled or gifted.

The primary goal of the department is to ensure that our students are provided a Free, Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). The Exceptional Student Education Department is always striving for academic success and we are committed to giving exceptional students the means of achieving success by delivering the highest quality of service and working on the goals as specified on each student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

A full continuum of programs and related services are offered to students from preschool through high school in accordance with their Individual Educational Plans (IEP).

The Exceptional Student Education Department and grounds are a Tobacco Free Campus.

School Psychologists:   (863) 773-9058

Alicia Jefferson-Walker  ajefferson@hardee.k12.fl.us 

Dr. Brett Stoltz  bstoltz@hardee.k12.fl.us 

Margaret Collins    mcollins@hardee.k12.fl.us

Staffing Specialists:

Angela Spornraft  aspornraft@hardee.k12.fl.us   (863) 773-9058

Sarah Parks  sparks@hardee.k12.fl.us  (863) 773-9058

Speech/Language Pathologists:

Shannon Beattie  sbeattie@hardee.k12.fl.us  (863) 773-3147

Andrea Concha  aconcha@hardee.k12.fl.us  (863) 375-2288

Laina Palmer  lpalmer@hardee.k12.fl.us   (863) 773-2183

Katie Moye  kamoye@hardee.k12.fl.us   (863) 773-3141

Joyce Oliver-Fulse  jfulse@hardee.k12.fl.us  (863) 735-1221

Other ESE Personnel:  (863) 773-9058

Amanda Blas, Teacher of Visually Impaired  ablas@hardee.k12.fl.us

Gina Neuhofer, FDLRS Child Find Specialist  gneuhofer@hardee.k12.fl.us

Donna Raney, Occupational Therapist   draney@hardee.k12.fl.us

Christopher Martinez, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant   cmartinez@hardee.k12.fl.us

School-Based Mental Health Providers:  (863) 773-9058

Vickie Belcher, Licensed Mental Health Counselor vbelcher@hardee.k12.fl.us

Micah Hendrickson, Licensed Mental Health Counselor  mhendrickson@hardee.k12.fl.us

Carla O'Donovan, Social Worker codonovan@hardee.k12.fl.us.

Support Staff:  (863) 773-9058

Margarita Olvera, ESE District Office Manager  molvera@hardee.k12.fl.us

Kim Lowe,  ESE Data Coordinator   klowe@hardee.k12.fl.us


Kerry  Terrell
ESE Director

863-773-9058  Ext:1324

Angela  Spornraft
ESE Staffing Specialist

863-773-9058 ext.1326

Teacher of the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing


Dr. Brett  Stoltz
School Psychologist

863-773-9058  Ext:1329

Sarah  Parks
ESE Staffing Specialist

863-773-9058 ext. 1369 

Donna  Raney
Occupational Therapist

863-773-9058  ext. 1330

Micah  Hendrickson
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

863-773-9058  Ext:1350

Alicia  Jefferson-Walker
School Psychologist

863-773-9058  Ext:1328

Amanda  Blas
ESE/Teacher of the Visually Impaired/AT

863-773-9058 ext.1331

Christopher  Martinez
Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

863-773-9058  ext. 1352

Margarita  Olvera
Office Manager

863-773-9058  ext. 1323

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