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The Jessica Lunsford Act was passed by the 2005 Florida Legislature and signed into law by Governor Bush following the assault and murder of Jessica Lunsford in Homosassa Springs, Florida. This crime was allegedly committed by an individual who had at one time worked as a subcontracted mason at Jessica Lunsford’s school. The Act focused primarily on increasing the measures used to monitor sexual offenders or predators. However, part of the Act specifically relates to individuals with access to school district campuses.

On June 20, 2007, Governor Charlie Crist signed into law Senate Bill 988, Relating to High Risk Offenders. The bill, effective on July 1, 2007, requires specific notations on the driver's licenses of sexual predators, and established standards and procedures related to the background screening of individuals who provide contracted non-instructional services to Florida public schools or districts.

The sections of Florida law pertinent to the screening of individuals who are vendors or contractors with a Florida public school or district as amended or created by Senate Bill 988, may be accessed at:

This page is to provide information to the public and to contractual personnel regarding the Act and how Hardee County School District implements s. 1012.465, Florida Statutes, as amended by the 2007 Legislature.

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