Student Records

Definition of a Student Record

The student record series also referred to as the "cum folder" is a permanent record containing the complete history of a specific student from the first day of enrollment to the final day of enrollment. These records contain health and immunization documentation, testing information, Individual Education Plans and exceptionalities, transcripts, attendance, registration information, and entry and withdrawal documentation.

Requests for Student Records

Student Records are considered confidential and can only be released to parents or guardians if the student is under the age of 18.  Once a student reaches age 18, the student must provide written consent for their records to be released to anyone other than themselves.  To provide written consent for Hardee School District to release information to anyone other than the student; the parent/guardian must have the following form completed.

Requests are made to the last school for which the student was enrolled. Proper photo identification is required before any information will be released. The proper photo identification that is accepted by the district is: a state-issued driver’s license, state-issued photo ID card, or U.S. Passport. Requests are processed in the order they are received. Typically, it will take one to three business days before the records are mailed, faxed or ready for pick-up. However, the district can take up to thirty days as stipulated by Florida Statutes. To make a request please use the form.

Any request for an “Official Copy” or "Sealed" Transcript can only be opened by the receiving school or institution. If opened, the receiving school/institution will not accept it.  Only one diploma is issued at the time of graduation. In the case of lost diplomas, we can only provide a copy of the transcript which provides graduation data. No duplicate diplomas exist.

Locating Student Records

Currently, student records are located throughout the school district.  As students advance, their records will move with them. Records of elementary students advancing to the 6th grade will be forwarded to the Hardee Junior High School.  Records of students promoted to 9th grade will be forwarded to the Hardee Senior High School.  Records of former students reside at the last school they attended. Please refer to the chart below for requesting school records:

Locating Student Records Image