5 Great Reasons to Read Aloud: 1. It expands your vocabulary 2. Improves comprehension 3. Strengthens imagination 4. Creates a lifetime interest in reading 5. Last, but not least, great one-on-one bonding time!
4 days ago, Hardee County Schools
You can find the March Newsletter in the Menu under the Documents section. Puede encontrar el boletín de marzo en el Menú en la sección Documentos.
26 days ago, Bowling Green Elementary
Keep your children safe with swim lessons! See the Documents for more information.
4 months ago, Bowling Green Elementary
The Hardee County School District will reopen for business as usual on Friday, November 11 for all students and staff.
5 months ago, Hardee County Schools
"Understanding FAST 3-10 ELA & Math Reports for Families" has been released by the Florida Department of Education. You can find the information using the following link: https://flfast.org/resources/manuals-and-user-guides/understanding-fast-reports-for-families
7 months ago, Bowling Green Elementary
You can find the Annual Report Card and Right to Know information on the school website's Documents section. For more information go to edudata.fldoe.org. Puede encontrar la información sobre el Informe Anual y el Derecho a Saber en la sección Documentos del sitio web de la escuelaPara obtener más información, visite edudata.fldoe.org.
8 months ago, Bowling Green Elementary